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Welcome to Our Online Calling Cards Store! is one of the most successful online calling card vendors. We have been in business over 10 years and served more than 10,000 customers worldwide. Our lowest international and domestic rates will save up to 95% on Long Distance!

Our Calling Cards can be used in over 30 countries, from almost any telephone including cellular phones. Virtual cards offer the ability to be recharged over the Internet, offering unheard of convenience and reliabilty in the telecommunications world.
3 Easy Steps to Buy our Calling Card:

1. Find the BEST rate for your destination
2. Purchase Phone Cards Online
3. Receive your PINs instantly and make calls

Our Best Rates:
Connection Timeout Connection Timeout
You can Refill/Recharge your PIN anytime by adding more minutes and always keeping your permanent PIN!

Dial directly from any phone without entering PIN. Register as many phones using your account screen.

Your PIN is automatically recharged when balance is low. You can easily activate autorefill option from the purchase screen.

You calling card will serve you longer without any expiration date
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JUPITER, SATURN - New Local Access Numbers! More States Covered!
CARDINAL, CHAMPION Calling Cards - new low rates!

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With the Cardinal Calling Card, its Speed Dial and PIN Free Access features, you get excellent quality of service and the best rates for many destinations using Local Access Numbers. The Cardinal card can now be used from a wide variety of countries around the world.
Our Best Sellers:

Connection Timeout
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One of the best phone cards on the market for calling from foreign countries

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